“The world is not governed by thought, or even by imagination, but by opinion.

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Your opinion matters to us!

Dear customer, continuous improvement is our life philosophy.
For almost 20 years, we have been trying to listen to what the market wants, to what is useful for our partners.

We don’t think we are perfect, but we think we can do more and better.
Help us!

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Vote for Energia Italia

Rate your overall experience with us. Nobody likes to be judged. We believe that an overall score, given with intellectual honesty, can allow us to understand how well we are performing.

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Send us your feedback

Feedback is an objective way of giving us your opinion on our way of being and of doing. Help us understand whether we need to make changes to our organizational processes, to our corporate culture, or to our services or approach.

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Report a problem

Behind every problem there is also an opportunity, however, we certainly are not happy if we have caused you inconvenience. Let’s talk through it to at least understand how to avoid the same thing happening to other colleagues.

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Suggest an improvement

Your suggestions are valuable to us. Please don’t hesitate to tell us how we can improve. Each of your improvement suggestions is an added value that allows us to innovate and automate.

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What they're saying about us

Here’s what customers are saying about us. It’s always nice to hear kind words about our company. For us, a simple recognition is worth as much as a medal for valor. Many wonderful people spend every day ensuring high quality standards because they believe in what they do.

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Tell others about us

Clients bring clients. Your references allow us the opportunity to acquire new customers. We ask that you please help us by telling others on the web about your experience. Sharing your business on social media is important to us and we want to thank you in advance for this.

Why improve?

“A better planet is a dream that begins to come true when each of us decides to improve ourselves.”


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