Teamwork is astrategic decision

Work with Us

We believe in the value of people.
We believe that human capital is the true wealth of a company.

Energia Italia offers various possibilities:

Send your CV to join our work teams

Do you want to put your potential out there? Submit your application. Over 20 teams are waiting for you. We believe in organized autonomy, in sense a of responsibility, and in empowerment. We love delegating and training new managers, visionaries, and leaders. Ours is a company of opportunities.


You are on the right path to start an extraordinary professional adventure with us. Your internship is the first step towards reaching your goals and contributing to your personal growth.

Become one of our regional agencies

Are you a commercial agent? Do not hesitate to contact us. Send us your application for your region. We would be happy to create the base for stable and lasting growth together.

Become one of our products and services suppliers

Are you looking for a commercial distributor? Energia Italia is the right partner for your business. We love getting involved and spreading the use of the best technologies and services. Send us a product or service catalogue and make an appointment with our sales management, you won’t regret it.

create a sales partnership

Want to become our business partner? Then you’re in the right place. We support our B2B clients in their business growth with specialist consultancy and marketing actions. Become an Energy Partner and together we will achieve the success you desire.

Why work?

Work keeps three great evils away: boredom, vice, and need.


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