“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams(E. Roosevelt)

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“Our great strength lies not in numbers, but in unity”


Energia Italia’s strategic allies and why they are fundamental to the organization of the company.

A shared vision always brings greater results.


We are committed to creating value through financial strategies such as achieving economies of scale and of scope, reinforcing our contractual strength on the market, synergistically integrating the value chain framework in our production and distribution activities, and incorporating a complete portfolio of products and services.

Development of potential

“Potential assessment” is a tool that allows one to evaluate the potential of collaborators in order to plan for correct career paths or role changes. This evaluation is strategic in the optimization of company resources, ensuring that everyone can express their potential in the best possible way.

Consumer finance

Consumer Credit is a loan granted by banks or financial companies to allow the beneficiary to purchase goods and services or possibly pay an expense in installments. It is generally used for short-term financing, such as personal loans, however, long-term financing, such as mortgages or leasing, is excluded.

Energy Partner

An ENERGY PARTNER is an independent company, specialized in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sector, capable of managing turnkey orders from the commercial and design phases, all the way to the installation phase. Energy Partners enjoy exclusive benefits meant to give a greater boost to their business.

Subsidized finance studies

The term “subsidized finance” indicates a type of corporate finance that is dedicated to finding financing sources at better conditions than those of the market. We are committed to offering you the best choices for your business every day.


The relationships we build at work are no exception; both those with our colleagues and stakeholders, and, above all, those with our customers. The key to ensuring the best customer experience is to build good relationships that are based on trust and loyalty.

Company management

Company management as a whole is the container which holds all management and coordination activities within the company.

Each company area must be managed effectively and efficiently through a targeted strategy with the aim of achieving certain objectives.

Each of these strategies is part of a global organizational design that includes all departments.

Information Technology

We rely on companies that offer professional services with advanced capabilities in the digital, cloud and security fields. Combining unique experience and specialized skills in various industrial sectors.

Every day, technology and human ingenuity follow the same path.

We embrace the power of change to create value and shared success for customers, people, shareholders, partners.


Technology producers

Advanced manufacturing technologies are production systems and their related services, processes, plants, and equipment. Examples include automation, robotics, cognitive information processing, and production control through high-speed information and communication systems.

We are committed to continuously perfecting our technologies in order to meet your needs with ever greater efficiency.

“Defending the environment is a duty towards life”

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