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General applications

Ideal candidate profile

We are looking for people who share the company’s values, are productive and create results, and bring added value in terms of attitude/ideas/skills with a positive impact on the group. Otherwise, we wish you good luck in finding different values ​​elsewhere, but we still believe you should always apply the advice above for your personal success.

To be more precise, we are looking for people who share the company’s projects, do not hinder their implementation, propose innovative ideas, spread good humor, integrate quickly into the group, do not constantly need directives, and instill passion in what they do every day with the smile.

This company welcomes people who:

1. Aspire to excellence and always strive to do better, even if they’ve already achieved good results.

2. Are continually focused on self-improvement, self-esteem, and self-help.

3. They regularly participate in training courses and self-help (books, audiobooks).

4. Are dedicated to leadership and fully embrace responsability for oneself.

5. Measure themselves against the best and try to emulate them and learn the secrets of their success.

6. Are pro-active and capable of taking initiatives while respecting rules and balances.

7. Bring energy, new stimuli, and reliability to the the tasks and responsibilities entrusted to them.

8. Have a positive and harmonious internal attitude with themselves and others.

9. Are capable of interacting with colleagues using constructive discussion and never criticism.

10. Are capable of developing and improving business processes oriented towards continuous success.

We don’t need people who:

1. Are uncooperative, critical, or have a “can’t be done” attitude.

2. Create obstacles while carrying out projects with off-track or obstructive ideas and beliefs.

3. Speak badly of other co-workers or create disharmony and discontent among people.

4. Don’t share the values, vision, or philosophy of the company and leaders.

5. Have a negative attitude and are highly critical.

6. Have a tendency to think negatively when faced with new situations or changes.

7. Have no respect for people, company roles, or responsibility profiles.

8. Are not productive, always have problems and ask others for the solutions.

9. Are a constant worry, subtract from mental energy, and are a source of stress.

10. They do not respect times, schedules, rules, and/or best practices and are unreliable in their assigned activities.

In summary… For us talent is:

1. The constant drive to personal improvement

2. Quickness in obtaining results

3. Being innovative.

4. Having unpretentious initiative.

5. The ability to solve problems.


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