Sara Giaramita

LeadGeneration Manager

I’m Sara Giaramita. I’ve been working in Energia Italia for a year, and I’m in charge of promoting the company, managing lead generation campaigns, and inviting our customers to training events such as the AcademyTOUR, the Energy Webinars or sector events such as the MCE and Key Energy.

My role is to analyze all company data before the event, through the various portals such as the Revenue Agency, Business Register, Inipec, etc.

Post-event I thank our customers and collect their feedback.

I have a wonderful relationship with my team, we discuss everything, and we support one another.


I believe that at the basis of every relationship it is essential to be sincere, honest, and always express yourself by saying what you think .”


“Having the capability to anticipate a problem, and being oriented towards change are essential for me in the workplace.”

Being Green

I think it is essential to adopt behaviors suited to the environment in order to aviod wasting the resources that nature offers us. That way we can “leave” our children a livable and ecological world.


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