Roberto Artale

Sales Manager

My name is Roberto Artale. I’m a helpful, coherent, cheerful, kind person and I love helping others. I believe in the values ​​of family and friendship. I love nature, I have a deep respect it, and I fight for others to do the same. I like the work I do, it engages me more day after day… I am a perfectionist, and I often end up involved in the daily tasks of my co-workers in other departments. I can’t stand superficiality.

I have been working at Energia Italia since 2010, almost 13 years, and I look foward to many more.
I care a lot about Energia Italia, I have given my all in contributing to its development, and I feel great pride and responsibility for my role as Sales Director and Regional Specialist for Western Sicily.
I am in perfect harmony with my team and I have a great relationship with them, I am an important point of reference for them… we interact constantly both in person and via the numerous IT tools that our company offers (Sales Force, Netsuite, Skype, Mobile, email, WhatsApp, zoom, meet, calendars, etc. … ).


“It is fundamental for me to be credible and sincere, both in life and in work.
This way of being at work allows you to admit your mistakes and learn from them so that you don’t make them again.””


“We need to be impartial in life and in work to be able to judge without prejudice and to avoid creating groups and/or inequalities”


It is my core value and it gives me the strength to move forward and look into the future.”


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