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What is the Energy Partner Plus program?

History & reliability are the deciding factors for the Energy Partner Plus program.

If you have been an Energia Italia customer for at least a year and have distinguished yourself for your purchasing ability and payment reliability, you will be able to be part of this extraordinary project.

The purpose

We are establishing a network of Partner Specialists in the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency sectors who share the same vision of moving towards the achievement of a common goal: the development of a green cultural change movement called “STILECOLOGICO“. An ENERGY COMMUNITY of companies that share the same green life philosophy based on the principles, values, ​​and methods carried out by Energia Italia.

Context analysis

Having operated in the photovoltaic sector since 2007, we noticed that many operators have launched various affiliate programs on the market with various formulas. Today, however, none of these programs have stood the test of time. Various factors such as: going out of business, cutbacks from management, short-term vision, and many other reasons have contributed to the end of these programs. Today, families and companies that choose renewable energy want products, services, and solutions offered by high-quality experts, capable of creating feelings that connect them to nature.

the right instrument

The ENERGY Partner Plus program, born from Energia Italia’s many years of experience, is an extraordinary opportunity to create an ethical business capable of interpreting the demand for change that comes from businesses and families. The ENERGY Partner Plus project aims to give selected professionals ideas, suggestions, business and communication models, qualified marketing, training, and practical tools to be able to begin a stimulating and enthusiastic growth path.

Yes, you read that right, “Enthusiasm!” the engine of inner energy, thanks to which we can start believing again, pursuing successful actions, sharing, imagining and reaching more ambitious goals.

Why take part in the project?

Imagine that the world is changing once again, habits are changing, technologies are changing, needs are changing, people’s dreams are changing. Confused in the present, people live thinking about the mistakes of the past and worries about the future.
Imagine a project that is able to follow change trends.

earth partner
earth partner

Change is a constant in life

Today, more than ever, it is necessary to invest in new communication models, new emotional sales approaches and techniques, new customer care processes, and in the enhancement of your company’s human resources.

Human capital becomes the new means of producing value in the companies of the future.
We need to create a positive vision of the future, the industrial revolution of green culture is already underway. Families and companies are waiting for a competent Photovoltaic and Energy Efficiency Specialist who is capable of offering them a SAVINGS PLAN that satisfies their needs and expectations.

Experience leads us to think that sales are a consequence of our actions just as the latter depend on our dominant thoughts. Our vision is increasingly based on a noble goal: “Doing something important for our society”.
Something that leaves its mark on the new generations in the years to come, to carry forward together.
This is why we thought of you with the Energy Partner Plus program.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Why choose Energia Italia?

Because our presence for over 18 years in the renewable energy market means that we choose the best technologies on the market for you (the installers), we give you 24-hour training on products, we give you free consultancy with our specialists, and finally we can propose advantageous payment conditions.

How to become a partner?

By filling out the form, you will be contacted by one of our Energy Specialists.
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What services are available to you??

You will have exclusive services at your disposal such as ENERGY fidelity, ENERGY finance, ENERGY promoter, ENERGY one to one, and our AcademyCLOUD platform.
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What you will find in the program?

A cooperation program that combines moral and ethical commitment with advantageous commercial agreements.


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