“Even a thousand mile journey begins with a single step(Laozi)

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Operational headquarters


Energia Italia’s headquarters is a logistics hub. It is modern , cutting edge, and consists of 3 main areas. It is equipped with 3 large warehouses for storing goods, a showroom, and external areas for the simultaneous loading and unloading of merchandise.

The entire complex is assisted by a powerful IT infrastructure, large offices, training spaces, and innovative co-working areas which allow our teams to manage requests from installers from all over Italy in the most efficient way.

Around the main headquarters, an area of 80.000 square meters that is owned by our company will allow for the development of future projects to support thephotovoltaic supply chain.

The logistics activities throughout Italy are supported by our two logistics centers located in central and southern Italy.

Logistics Center

Future infrastructures

Product exhibition area

Service center opening soon


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