Katia Aiello

Accounting Manager

I’m Katia Aiello… I’m a proactive person and I try to do my job to the best of my abilities, setting goals and increasingly expanding my skillset. I like challenges…

I have been working at Energia Italia since June 2018 as the Accounting Manager

My relationship with my team is one of respect, maximum collaboration, personal esteem, and great complicity.


“I believe this brings innovation, efficiency, and satisfaction at work.”


“Because I believe that good relationships between all work collegues creates wellbeing, and therefore, trust and motivation can be established.”


Sense of responsability

Sense of responsibility and belonging, these sensations push us to broaden our horizons in view of the well-being of the company. The more we feel part of a company, the more our objectives are aligned with the values ​​we believe in… carrying them forward with responsibility and motivation.


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