Francesco Agusta

Marketing Manager

I’m Francesco Agusta, Marketing Manager at Energia Italia. I have been working in this fantastic family for more than six years and I am proud to be part of it: for me it is a question of achievement but also of fun: yes, that’s right: I have fun.
Together with my team, we take care of communicating the strong message of change and Energia Italia’s values, but also of organizing the countless events and initiatives throughout Italy, together with our partners. What we want to do more and more is to connect people inside and outside our company, all those who, like us, believe in the extraordinary opportunity of renewable energy.
I am lucky enough to work with an extraordinary group of creatives with whom I experiment new ways of communicating every day. We are lucky to be unconventional, and to have a say in always inventing new ideas for Energia Italia.

Listening, dialogue, spontaneity, gratitude: these are the key words that, alone, and in a team, allow you to have the right approach to life and to always find a solution for everything. The secret is always the same: stronger together!


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