Francesca Seidita

Project Manager

I’m Francesca, I am a responsible, patient, dynamic, flexible and meticulous person. I integrate into work groups naturally, and I have good interpersonal skills.
I have worked at Energia Italia since 2019 2013, a truly stimulating environment which has contributed to increasing and maturing my cognitive abilities over these years towards the renewables sector, developing a greater ethical sensitivity towards environmental problems, and strengthening my propensity to continually keep up-to-date and participate in training.
I am a technician and my role is technical area manager. I carry out Management directives, and I manage the interaction between the workers, customers, and suppliers. Competencies for this role include the coordination, planning, design, supervision, and problem solving ability of the company’s technical objectives.
Teamwork is fundamental within a company and, often times, diverse team members within a specific context influence the range of organizational performance. My team works in perfect synergy, thanks to our closeness, sharing, and our exchange of know-how from their various backgrounds, to their skills and to their previous experiences… factors that contribute to making our performance more efficient, and to reaching the set goal of a work project.


“One of the values ​​I believe in is the respectful relationship between people, which is necessary within the workplace, as it instils serenity and makes everyone’s work more productive. Respect for work environment is also necessary to ensure that all colleagues and customers feel free, protected, and considered.”

Green Principles

I also share the principles and values ​​of a GREEN life philosophy, and the mission and vision towards which our company is oriented in order to safeguard our planet and our future, promoting growth with continuous technological innovations that implement eco-sustainability .”

Professional commitment

“Another important value is professional commitment, the commitment to keep up-to-date, to keep informed, and to make contributions through continuous involvement and training processes, so as to increasingly develop one’s potential and increase the quality of one’s work.


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