Filippo Galluzzo

Human Resources & Change Management

I’m Filippo Galluzzo, HR Manager at Energia Italia. I am in charge of the management of our Human Resources, of their Motivation, but above all, of their Awareness of the Role they hold and their Skills. My role has a dual function: supporting our Human Resources, and achieving the business goals that company management has set.
My role is to implement new practices for the management of Human Resources, which is based on talent cultivation and the creation of working conditions capable of attracting and retaining them within the company.
The Relationship with My Team is one of constant sharing and dialogue. This approach allows us to have a clear and coherent vision through the operational actions that are continually implemented. The HR Department has an ubiquitous approach within the Company, as it is in constant contact with all the other Departments. Our team strongly believes in talent, and in the added value that people can bring to the company on a daily basis.

Human Potential & Motivation

I firmly believe in Human Potential, and above all, in the Intrinsic Motivation of people. Intrinsic motivation guides people to engage in a certain task or activity that arises from within and not vice versa, this attitude makes the task in itself satisfying..”


Another value I believe in is Tenacity, I believe it is the drive that allows each individual to achieve the objectives they set.”.”

Resilience & Consistency

I am strongly convinced that two other very powerful values ​​are Resilience and Constancy. If transformed into concrete actions, these two values can make a difference in the life of every person, as they both strengthen the concept of Awareness, providing the ability to be aware of what is perceived and of one’s behavioral responses.


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