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What are the exclusive services at your disposal?

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Loyalty is always rewarded

ENERGY Fidelity is a promotion and discount service dedicated to our ENERGY Partner Plus. Only those enrolled in this service will be able to benefit from:

– dedicated promotions
– price lists with dedicated discounts for the duration of the partnership agreement
– the right to reserve and block goods in storage for a period of time
– bonuses on turnover

How do we reward you?


End-of-year bonuses for reached targets will be adjusted according to the agreed payment conditions by deducting them from any invoices for the purchase of material by June 30th of the following year.

The bonus is calculated based on the current year net sales of:

• VAT;
• project sales with special prices unless otherwise specified;
• special conditions granted as needed;
• transport and service costs;
• E-Waste.
All sales made at discounted prices will contribute to reaching the annual target.
However, no further reduction on the price originally agreed upon and paid for the materials will be recognized on the aforementioned sales.

Possibility to defer payments

The ENERGY Partner Plus members that are the most exemplary in business management may be assigned a commercial credit opening limit, upon verification by leading credit insurance companies,

Who are our partners?


Granting of commercial credit

In order to improve the ENERGY PARTNER PLUS business, Energia Italia, in partnership with Euler Hermes, gives you the possibility to obtain a credit line. You will be able to submit your credit request through your Energy Specialist, after which you will have the opportunity to monitor your rating.

Agreement with Deutsche Bank Easy

Possibility of financing within 24-48 hours for both individuals and companies. Disbursement of a consumer loan to the member’s account upon presentation of appropriate documentation.


It is also possible to activate the factoring tool to recieve all of the technologies present in the Energia Italia product catalogue.

Promotion of business and corporate image

Marketing to make a difference

welcome kit

As a way to welcome you to our Energia Italia team as an Energy Partner Plus, you will be provided with a welcome marketing kit consisting of: stickers (for your office or company vehicles), personalized business card graphics, presentation brochure graphics “Guide Savings Practice” and social graphics. Your company will also be included in the Energy Partner Plus list on our company website.

welcome kit
commercial opportunities

The staff at Energia Italia makes sure to provide Energy Partner Plus with a preview of all the opportunities brought about by new technologies, public tenders, regulatory changes, etc. through the organization of webinars, newsletters and in presence meetings regarding the renewables and energy efficiency market.

seasonal marketing campaigns

Energia Italia carries out B2C communication campaigns for Energy Partner Plus on a quarterly basis with the aim of presenting specific products and promotions to the end consumer. Members of Energy Partner Plus, will have customized graphics for: flyers, newsletters, social networks and more

seasonal marketing campaigns
lead reporting

Energia Italia’s staff will provide their Energy Partner Plus members with contact information for any end customer requests in their area regarding the construction of new systems, revamping, maintenance, and/or any other request for consultancy that comes in from one of our communication channels: web portals, social media, training, Regional Energy Specialist, national trade shows and campaigns.

trade show support

Our marketing office will always be ready to support you at the trade shows in which you will participate, providing you with the necessary display materials (props, roll-ups, gadgets, personalized flyer graphics).

trade show support
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A revolutionary school project that is giving rise to a new green culture among young people, through a communication and awareness campaign.



to imprint

Imprinting the values ​​and principles of a green philosophy in the minds of new generations that will help them to:
• be successful adults, in any sector, in harmony with nature and the laws of the universe;
• do better in school due to the increase in interest, and in stimuli regarding what they will do in life, thus becoming happier and more consistent with dreams and expectations thanks to the acquisition of a green vision of life;
• adopt more responsible behavior in the social, economic and political spheres.

raise awareness

Raising awareness among new generations regarding the following topics:
• safeguarding the earth, through a more rational and conscious use of natural resources: water, trees, minerals, flora and fauna;
• environmental pollution generated by human economic activities;
• energy independence from fossil fuels.


Look to new, less impactful technologies capable of improving quality of life and satisfying the demand for energy caused by the development of economic activities.

Create an ECO-STYLE ENERGY COMMUNITY made up of ENERGY PEOPLE, i.e. people who embrace the common purpose of ENERGY INDEPENDENCE and SAFEGUARDING THE EARTH.

Energy one to one

An exclusive relationship with our Energy Specialists

telephone consultation


A competent commercial consultant that knows how to listen to your needs and advise you on products by giving you the right solutions, which often lead to significant savings on the quote total, resulting in an increase in competitiveness on the final price to be given to your customer, which, in turn, increases your marginality. Don’t rely solely on your instincts, consult us and evaluate our commercial proposal. Thanks to the innovative communication technologies used by Energia Italia, we can support you in commercial negotiations and support you in the closing phase.

telephone consultation
sales support


Imagine presenting yourself in front of your potential customer, hoping to complete a large order, together with your ENERGIA ITALIA distributor. Your image is strengthened, creating greater trust and awareness in them that your company has the requirements and right relationships to guarantee it’s a solid investment. Energia Italia CAN and WANTS to share this added value with every ENERGY PARTNER PLUS to give them an edge in negotiations.

aftersales services

3. AFTER-SALES SERVICE that lives up to your expectations

We have a group of professionals with decades of experience and expertise at your disposal, who will guide you from commercial management up to delivery, guaranteeing you the highest level after-sales service. They will assist you and update you on the outcome of any warranty interventions, replacements, or assistance interventions, giving your customers the reassurance they need. We will always be at your side to advocate for your rights. We maintain privileged realtionships with manufacturers, prompting them to maintain their agreements. Every commercial agreement layed out with the manufacturers is preceded by one our audits in which we verify their production processes and their after-sales assistance services. Only after having verified their effectiveness do we feel confident in offering them to our ENERGY PARTNERS PLUS members as one of our products.

aftersales services
green cloud

Training when and where you want it

It is an innovative web platform dedicated to learning, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is accessable on the go, and it is able to issue attendance certificates at the end of each training course.

What makes up our training plan:

• Datasheets
• Installation manuals
• Product certifications and guarantees
• Regulation databases
• Webinar courses
• Motivational courses


The advantages of the platform

• Content that is continually updated
• Simple and intuitive
• Time and cost reduction for individual and group training


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