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Discover the stories of the people who live Energia Italia every day.

The team is made up of people who know what they want and are determined to produce tangible results through planning and development. They are competent and reliable and they make integrity their source of pride.

They are capable of developing real added value with the advice and the consultations that they give our customers


“Working at Energia Italia gives me the opportunity to further develop both my professional and transferable skillsets.”

– Maria Mistretta, Information Technology

“I like working at Energia Italia. The people I work with make it feel more like a family than a company.
I like it because it’s a dynamic environment.”

– Luciano Agnello, Energy Specialist

“I have been working at Energia Italia for 11 years, and I have had the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. I feel comfortable because it is a dynamic and young environment with close relationships between team members. “

– Daniela Favilla, Energy Specialist

“Energia Italia has a great work environment. I like my job, and I wake up happy to go to work. There are no companies like ours in the area. It’s in continual growth and I am proud to be part of it.”

– Angelo Lapillo, Logistica


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