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AcademyTOUR is a series of in-presence training meetings throughout Italy, during which technology producers present the latest innovations and, with the help of specialized technicians, do pratical dimostrations on the installation process, and resolve any issues.

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The ENERGY Webinar is an online seminar that presents our partners’ products and services. An appointment during which you can ask questions and receive answers directly from the manufacturer on regulatory aspects and on how the technologies work.

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A training course aimed at renewable energy developers : engineers, architects, and technicians who want a program that develops a specific skillset related to photovoltaic systems and storage systems.

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Energy ExpoTOUR is a series of events created to learn about Energia Italia’s services that are dedicated to professionals in the renewables sector who want to update their business model. Financial services, partnerships, IT infrastructures, business planning, and organizational models.

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School is the driving force of green cultural change. The project AcademySCHOOL aims to convey our green philosophy and knowledge of new technologies to the minds of new generations with a dedicated training day.

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Energia Italia supports projects that focus on the environment, culture, sports, and young people. Our sponsorships reflect our passion for excellence, sustainability, and cohesive relationships with our territory.

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Energia Italia organizes a yearly Energy Conference, a national convention dedicated to all the photovoltaic operators and the renewable energy sector. With the participation of all the branches of the industry. the goal is to take stock of opportunities, tools, and objectives for stakeholders. The event is accredited by the necessary professional orders able to issue training credits.

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The Energy Exhibition represents all the trade shows that Energia Italia actively participates in or collaborates with. Through these events, the company plays a fundamental role in the innovation and development of the energy sector. Thanks to close collaboration with renewable energy companies, Energia Italia is able to offer a complete overview of the latest trends and solutions in the industry.

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Energia Italia’s work is motivated by the pursuit of excellence and we recognize the value of others with gratitude.
We are determined to be a role model both locally and nationally, constantly working for the common good.
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