The future is not a gamble, it’s the actualization of your dreams

We are Energy People!

The main source of wealth and prosperity for us and our company are our enterprising, motivated, and capable people.

Our company can only grow and prosper if it is made up of capable, involved, and motivated people, that is, collaborators who are in love with their work and who help create a winning business with innovative ideas and an enterprising spirit, even in declining sectors.

The company invests in these people,

→ recognizes their merits

→ career advancement,

→ and adopts incentive systems that are both monetary and based on a welfare policy and health integration plans.

The company intends to reward those who:



never feel like they have reached their limit, despite having achieved good results never know enough. They always feel “positively inadequate” in their role, and therefore, are constantly focused on self-improvement, keeping current, and are eager to learn and grow, comparing themselves with the best and trying to emulate them.



believe that the “right time” is “now”. are driven by the desire to obtain results, and take immediate action to implement the ideas they have. Don’t have time to lose. don’t want to postpone, wait, or procrastinate. just want to get results and get things done quickly or in the shortest amount of time possible.



Or rather, do not resist the change and innovations that drive the company forward. The right person is the one who anticipates change and flows with it; or at least is not slowed down by it. They often propose it and actively participate in it. Talks about change in the company and proposes solutions to be able to embrace it in harmony.



That is, the person who acts, and who produces results, and then asks for something in return with politeness and elegance. Doesn’t need a “token” in order to do things. Those who say “In order to sell a new product, I need the brochure” or “Yes” to a project, but require a gain from it. These are jukebox collaborators, meaning that they don’t work unless the token is inserted; they are not true talents, although they may have productive capabilities or specific technical skills.

We only seek out those who possess resourcefulness and initiative to be part of our staff. Those who work without necessarily expecting an economic return or immediate recognition; those who often times take on projects that are not strictly linked to their specific role, motivated by the desire to contribute and help. A person who embraces the philosophy that the chicken tomorrow is better than the egg today, because he wants to invest in a lasting relationship and not in the philosophy that “One job is as good as the next as long as I get by”. Just as human capital is not disposable, the company also deserves the same respect. It is made up of people who work to create a job opportunity for new collaborators.


has a "no problem" attitude

Meaning a person focused on results who thinks that any obstacle can be overcome and any difficulty can be solved. A person who is more focused on solutions than on problems and knows that they can contribute to improving the company by solving the difficulties they encounters personally, preventing them from reaching their managers. “ok, I’ll take care of it…” is a recurring sentence.

How valueable is it for an entrepreneur to have someone in their company who brings solutions instead of problems?

Just as a cheerful and brilliant individual positively influences those around him, the addition of a talented person in the work environment is a strategic activity that leads to company growth. IF IT’S TRUE THAT COMPANIES ARE MADE OF PEOPLE, THEN IT’S TRUE THAT PEOPLE CAN CHANGE COMPANIES. For us, WHO and then WHAT they’ll do are what are important.

A WHO is someone that creates something from nothing. And they differ from the many people who “create nothing from something”.

For us, WHO represents the idea that “It can be done”.

When a company finds a WHO, it is able to carry out projects and achieve objectives that previously seemed impossible, or that had not even been conceived of yet.

A WHO is never a cost, even when it is not yet clear what position they will hold, because they could expand any area assigned to them or even propose and implement a new idea themselves.

A WHO always creates added value in the company and is able to transform any project given to them into something economically advantageous for the company. Often the WHO is the driving force behind new initiatives and the stimulus for everyone around them.

Every entrepreneur, at least once in their life, has found a WHO. Maybe it’s the partner with whom they decided to start a business, maybe it’s the best salesperson they have in the company, maybe it’s that manager who solves everything for them and whom they can trust, or that collaborator who is always smiling and does their job with passion.

A person like this gives the entrepreneur joy, gives them back the desire to take on new things, to launch themself on the market with new projects, and makes them feel that they are not alone. This type of person rekindles their hopes and the desire to believe in their ideas and to share them with those who appreciate them and want to join in on new magnificent adventures.

The WHO is the soul that breathes life into the project, it is the problem solver, it is the symbol of “It can be done” for everyone.

WHO is the best fit, a person who can only improve the quality of our company over time like good wine which, aging in barrels, becomes more precious and rare over the years.

Because the right person brings new life and new stimuli. Because tasks and responsibilities can always be delegated to the right person, while the entrepreneur decides to do something else. Because the right person takes care of customers, suppliers, accounting, and organizational process as if they were the entrepreneur themself, improving them every day.

A person like this makes you fall in love with your work and with your company, and, one day, they could even become the new leader at the helm of the community of people who, with a smile and optimism, carry forward the spirit of the pioneering philanthropist.

This is Energia Italia

A school, a life path, a philosophy of the development of human potential, a collective conscience, where the mind, body, and spirit are at the center of the universe, where those who are capable of putting themselves out there can find the dimension of personal success, where those who give first unconditionally will receive more than others and will experience a dimension of harmony within themselves and with others.

We are looking for talented people and we will always give those who want to get involved a chance, but at the same time, we will be selective in order to protect the principles and values ​​of our company as a social good for all those who share the culture of social reciprocity.


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