Dèsirèe Giambelluca

Brand Manager

Hi, I’m Desiree Giambelluca, Energia Italia’s Brand Manager! I’m here to give our brand a special touch.

My mission is to raise awareness of Energia Italia in an authentic and engaging way. I love working with my team to create marketing strategies that are truly unique.

I enjoy putting creative ideas into motion that are fun and engaging. But it’s not all talk , I want to create a positive impact on the public by reflecting our values, our vision, and our mission in favor of real energy independence and the protection of our planet.

My team is a great source of inspiration for me. We support each other, share ideas, and help each other overcome challenges. We are a team that is committed to the brand’s success, never forgetting to have fun along the way.

We’re here to create heartfelt connections and spread joy through our brand.



Believing in integrity means acting ethically and honestly in all situations. My personal and professional reputation is built on integrity. Being a trusted person allows you to build solid relationships, both with colleagues and with all stakeholders.


I believe in collaboration because I recognize the value in the ideas and skills of others. Working with a team gives me the opportunity to achieve exceptional results. I am open to discussion and to the contribution of others, as I know that they enrich the decision-making process and lead to innovative solutions.


I believe in sustainability because I care about the environment and the resources available to us. I am aware of the impact of my actions on the ecosystem and I am committed to making responsible choices. Integrating sustainability into my business strategies allows me to promote eco-friendly practices and helps preserve the planet for future generations. Raising awareness around sustainability is an integral part of my commitment to building a brand that takes environmental impact seriously.


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