Daniela Favilla

Buyer Manager

Hi, I’m Daniela Favilla! I am a cheerful, dynamic, and loyal person. I always try to find the good side in things and people. Today I face life conscious of the fact that what I have is the fruit of my sacrifice and my determination.
I have been working at Energia Italia for 12 years … I no longer view it as a job, but as a lifestyle. I have embraced the vision and mission of the Company and this has allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. In fact, in recent years, I have held various roles within the comapny, actively contributing to its growth and acquiring a greater overall vision and expertise in different areas.

In 2023, I became part of Purchasing Management, with the role of Buyer Manager.

I genuinely believe in teamwork, and my team and I have a relationship of respect and collaboration.
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Favilla 2022


“I think that respect needs be at the basis of every human relationship, firstly for oneself, and then for others. This concept becomes even more essential within a company in order to have an environment where people work towards the same objectives.”


“Being loyal to the people you interact with gives you the opportunity to have a reliable team. This, in turn, translates into a better approach towards work management.”


Another important value for me is determination. The goals that I have achieved, both personally and professionally, are the result of the commitment and determination that I put into everything that I do every day. At work you need to be even more determined in order to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.


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