ELITE – Intesa Sanpaolo Lounge

Energia Italia, developers of energy saving and renewable solutions, joins ELITE, through the Intesa Sanpaolo Lounge, a new group of 25 companies from 11 Italian regions, approximately 30% of which are from the South, who belong to various industrial sectors of economical excellence, including electrical, technological, agri-food, and construction. ..

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Energia Italia srl received the title of 2023’s TOP WHOLESALE PV SUPPLIERfor the fifth consecutive year, putting us among the most mentioned photovoltaic distributors in Italy in the “Global PV Installer Monitor 2022/2023 Italy”, an annual survey conducted by the German institute EUPD RESEARCH. In a sample of 100 photovoltaic installers…


CRIBIS Prime Company

CRIBIS, a company specialized in providing business information regarding both Italian and foreign companies, awarded Energia Italia the recognition of: CRIBIS Prime Company, thereby granting us the highest level of reliability as a counterpart in BtoB commercial transactions…


Competition and Market Guarantor Authority

Energia Italia obtained recognition from the Competition and Market Authority, an independent administrative authority that acts and makes decisions in full autonomy through their own executive power…


MF Centrale Risk

Energia Italia srl obtained a rating for high credit strength from MF Centrale Risk.

Creditworthiness represents the reliability of a person from an economic and financial standpoint…


La Repubblica – Champions of growth

Our inclusion in the ranking identifies our company as one of the Italian companies experiencing the greatest economic expansion. Receiving recognition often has very positive effects on the motivation and satisfaction levels of both employees and collaborators…


Awards in progress

AGCM Legality Rating

Competition and Market Guarantor Authority

We want to improve our legality rating from one star to two stars.

The legality rating issued by AGCM Competition and Market Authority is a concise indicator of a company’s compliance with high standards of legality which guarantees that :

  • pursuant to article 444 of the criminal procedure code, in regards to tax crimes, and crimes relating to the protection of health and safety in the workplace, no personal and/or patrimonial prevention measures and no personal and/or patrimonial precautionary measures have been adopted against the Energia Italia team, and that no conviction has been pronounced, nor criminal conviction decree issued which has become irrevocable, nor a sentence applying the penalty upon request.
  • In the two-year period preceding the rating request, Energia Italia was not condemned by the Authorities or the European Commission for serious antitrust violations which were incontestable, nor for violations which were confirmed with a final sentence, except in the case of non-imposition or reduction of the pecuniary administrative sanction, following the collaboration provided within the framework of a national or European leniency programme;
  • Energia Italia had no conviction nor was it sentenced to any penalty upon request, pursuant to article 444 of the code of criminal procedure, and no precautionary measures were adopted for administrative offenses arising from the crimes referred to in the legislative decree 8 June 2001, n. 231;

The Rating assigned allows companies to be considered “ethical”: which is why a score from one to three stars is assigned, based on certain organizational and behavioral parameters.

The Rating boosts corporate image: a company that has this Rating improves communicates clarity and transparency in the way they operate, and is recognized by other players in the market as a healthy and ethical entity. Consequently, the Rating facilitates opportunities to do business by clearly distinguishing a company from its competitors.

Based on the declarations made, as well as the outcome of the assessments carried out, the Authority decided to award ENERGIA ITALIA S.R.L. (C.F. 02160470817) the Legality Rating with the following score: ★++.

Benefit Society logo

Benefit Corporations

Our goal is to become a Benefit Company, and to have an innovative and ethical business model that is committed to formalizing its contribution and objectives, communicating them in a transparent manner to its stakeholders.

In addition to profit, we are also committed to pursuing objectives of common benefit aimed at having a long-term positive impact on society and on the environment. In the pursuit of these objectives, we move forward in a responsible, sustainable, and transparent manner towards people, communities, territories, and environment, cultural assets and activities.


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