“How to reach a goal? Without haste but without stopping(Goethe)

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“The slowest man, who doesn’t lose sight of his goal,still goes faster than the man who proceeds with no goal”

Business goals are important because they establish a key purpose, activate all mental laws in our favor. Thanks to this paradigm Energia Italia sets its objectives, simultaneously considering their clarity. These objectives give an intelligible sense of direction that goes beyond the desired outcome, and above all, they give you an idea of how you want to achieve them by establishing plans of action and timing.

The ability to establish business objectives and prepare plans of action to reach them represents the primary skill of success, without which very little is possible. Clear and realistic business objectives are essential to guide the strategic decisions and operational actions of a successful business.

In conclusion, company objectives are among the strategic actions that, for us at Energia Italia, have allowed for tangible results year after year.

Achieved objectives

search for alliances

Constant search for new alliances

sales network

Strengthening the sales network

marketing support

Marketing support

online seminars

Online seminars

online platform enhancement

Online platform enhancement

the development of human potential

The development of human potential

training courses

Provision of training courses

new institutional website

Launch of new institutional website


Annual national conference on renewables

The next goals


Launch of awareness campaigns

affiliate network

Strengthening the affiliate network

new B2C site

New B2C site

repair laboratory

Activation of inverter repair laboratory

new shop

New commercial site shop.energiaitalia.info

path of knowledge

Path of knowledge and opportunities

“To be successful in life, you must go beyond the imposed goals

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