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Become part of the #1 renewable community. Here you can communicate, interact, and exchange useful information with professionals and installers.

In the Community, you will find PDFs, presentations, and discussion groups on regulations and technologies, exchanging experiences and best practices with colleagues.

What is the community?

A digital space in which you can chat with operators in all areas of the supply chain: designers, installers, builders, and experts in technical documentation and product certifications, 24/7 on all your devices.

Why sign up?

Browsing through the various topics, you will be able to view and choose what interests you most, finding the right answers to your needs. In the Community, there are on thousands of colleagues ready to help you.

What will you find within the community?


All the topics addressed are divided into catagories so that you can find what you are looking for in the shortest time possible.


By subscribing to your favorite brand groups, you will be able to follow all manufacturer innovations, share and discuss application innovations, technologies, error codes, and the best installation methods with your colleagues.


Giving and receiving feedback is the best way to achieve personal and professional growth. There is no shortage of food for thought and improvement in the Community!

“A comunity is like a ship, anyone should be ready to take the helm”



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